As the weather gets more unpredictable and our homes and businesses rely more and more on technology, it is more important than ever to have a reliable source of electricity. Wirth, Inc. is proud to install Kohler Generators. Adding a generator to your home can protect your family from the elements and keep your home comfortable and safe. You'll be able to have lights and appliances will be able to be used. More and more businesses are seeing the need for a generator. A power loss can prevent productivity loss and customers being turned away. A generator from Wirth, Inc. can protect you from power outages due to accidents, weather, and other causes.

How Do Generators Work?

A generator from Wirth, Inc. is a good insurance policy against a power outage. A generator for your home or business uses fuel, such as natural gas or LP to generate electricity when the main power source is down. You can choose to manually turn on the generator or we can install an automatic switch that will sense when the power is out. The generator consists of a fuel tank, engine and an alternator that converts the energy into electrical power.

Reasons To Install A Generator

There are many good reasons for having Wirth, Inc. install a generator at your home or business:

  • Keep necessary appliances operating

  • Ensure safety and comfort of family or employees

  • Allow security systems to remain on

  • Protect devices during power outages and brownouts

A Kohler generator installed by the professionals at Wirth, Inc. will keep your home and business up and running smoothly. Our professional installers will work with you to determine the right size generator for your particular situation. We'll make sure the transition from traditional power to generator power is smooth. We'll safely handle the installation and wiring, making sure everything runs well. We know all the local codes and regulations and make it our job to have your generator professionally installed, with no stress on your part.

Let Wirth, Inc. help you keep the power flowing to your home or business. Our team of generator experts will install the right generator for your needs. We'll help you deal with emergency power needs and keeping your home or business running like usual. Contact us today and learn more about Wirth, Inc. and our Kohler generators.