Heath is just an awesome guy! I wish I had 30 employees just like him! I really appreciated him coming out late at night, he really knew his stuff! ~Paul Seyller~

Please extend our thanks, both to Ki who made himself available to come and look at what we needed and also to Mark S. who changed his schedule to accommodate us when the installation took longer than expected.  The system has been working very well, and we truly appreciated the help of both of these men, especially given our high stress levels at the time (due to our move)! ~Danette Rose~

Thank you Greg for the great service on my furnace! ~Brad Kreiner~

Thank you for such fast service! When the young man came to the door I said, "Wow I think that is the fastest service call ever!" Justin B. was a very nice polite young man. Thanks to all of you for such prompt service. ~Marcia & Keith Himmelman~

I would like to thank Rod, your office staff (Jodi) and your installation crew (Tom C., Eric H., and Mark C.) for a very friendly and professional experience as a first time customer at Wirth's. You were recommended to me and I was told I'd have a positive experience. Thank you all!  ~Rick Vincent~

Thank you for getting Heath over right away. Great service on the heat exchanger replacement! ~Al Tynan~

The person who answered the phone (Deb) was so sweet. Thank you for getting Heath over to help right away. ~Helen Ellsberry~

Thank you for the quick, fast, neat service Randy. Everything looked perfect. She would never have known we are there except she had water. ~Linda Solderholm~

Ki, I want to thank you again. It's so good to know there are honest and generous businessmen like you, who aren't always concerned about the bottom line, but about people and how you can help them. Thanks again! ~Pam Palmer~

Justin B. was very polite and concerned that everything was done as expected. ~Claire Crawford~

Your guys were very professional and di good work. Give Rod and Heath a raise! ~Jim Stout~

I really appreciated Pete and Blake helping me on Saturday. They were so nice, neat, and thorough. I'm so impressed with your company, you thought of everything including drop cloths! ~Dan & Misty Wilson~

I really appreciated Jodi trying to get me a rebate from Nicor! ~Elaine Swanson~

I just had to call and say what a very nice job the young man (Cory) did! He was so clean and thorough and did far more than they expected.  Thank you so much! ~Lynn Bergren~

What a polite, delightful young man (Justin B.) you sent our way! ~Gary and Julie Dahlquist~

I am so pleased with the job Greg did! I've never worked with a better guy. I feel like I got my money's worth! ~Bob Franks~

I appreciated the very very nice young man (Justin B.) who serviced my furnace today! ~Judy Iwinski~

We are very happy with Randy's work. We LOVE our new tankless water heater and are so happy with the new pressure tank. We can flush our stools now and have all kinds of water pressure. ~Albert Meers~

Just want to tell you how impressed we are with the work you have done for us. We have enjoyed our gas fireplace and the CA sure was a blessing this summer. All of your employees have been so great and have gone beyond the usual services. The cleanup has been exceptional and Bruce even landscaped around the unit in our back yard. We will definitely recommend your and will use you for any future needs. ~Bruce & Bonnie Stine~

I would like to thank Heath for the wonderful job he did service our AC unit and putting it back together. He left the job site so neat and I didn't even realize he'd been here. We were very satisfied with his work. This type of job represents the quality of workmanship from Wirth, Inc. Thanks again for a great job! ~Terry & Millie Gephart~

I'm moving in October and wanted to thank everyone at Wirth, Inc. for the past ten years of service. The Wirth Staff have been exemplary, and are like an extended family. I think so much of Ray, and everyone is so trustworthy and goes out of their way to make things right. Special thanks to Ray, Rod, and Greg for all their help and service over the years. Thanks to Karen for the fabulous kitchen, she is so helpful. I'm recommending Wirth to whomever buys my house. I can't begin to say how much I have appreciated your hard work over the years. ~Sandy Pobanz~

Justin B. was so pleasant, nice, and personable when he came out to install our stool. Be sure to let his supervisors know! ~Paula Simosky~

Justin B. is a helluva nice guy! He went out of his way to please us, and is on the top of our list! He's an asset to your company. We appreciate that he got out here today for the leaky faucet. Make sure the boss hears about this! ~David Warlow and Carol Koehler, Heritage Square Apartments~

Randy did a fabulous job! ~Mr. & Mrs. Albert Meers~

Excellent job, Justin B. THANK YOU! ~Dough and Joan Charlton~

Thank you Greg for coming out so fast! The faucet looks great! ~Kathy Fluck~

Great job, Kent, Steve B., Dusty, and Mark S., on the installation of my new boiler, AC, and water heater! ~Rosemary Franck~

Beautiful job done installing my new water softener. No muss, no fuss, just a professional job done by Randy and Eric H. ~Ken Turner~

Thank you to Tom C. and Blake for the great job installing my AC. Tom did an excellent job, he was so neat and tidy and a very nice guy. Blake was a great helper and we have a 'good-one' in training. ~Jim Rein~

Thank you to Justin B. for the work you did on my "no AC" call. Justin was so nice, did a perfect job, and made the whole process of having a service technician come out pain-free. ~Dawn Blocklinger~

Thank you for the prompt and courteous service, Randy. ~Joyce Bush~

Thank you all so much for all the work you did in rebuilding my late mother's home. All of the journey persons involved (Jason, Chris, Mark S., Derek, Kent, Mark C., and Eric H.) were knowledgeable, helpful, and so very nice. We are so pleased with your work. ~Rebecca Bazor~

Thank you for the great service, Justin B. Justin was wonderful, nice, and polite! He's a great addition to your business. ~Elsie Stees~

I really want to thank Jodi for all her help on getting my water heater covered under warranty.  I really appreciate her. ~Mary Weiler~

I really appreciate the neat and clean installation job at my rental. Thank you, Tom C. ~Dennis Renner~

The system is working great! Good job of repair, Greg! ~Leonard Loftus~

Greg did a wonderful job! He was neat, thorough, and when he had to leave the job to help with an emergency he informed me and returned as promised. I really appreciated the great job and communication. ~Greta Baugh~

Justin B. is such a nice polite young man. ~Claire, Geneseo Library~

Please extend my congratulations to the entire "Wirth Team" for doing an outstanding job in installing our new Geothermal unit and water heaters. It started with Ki who made a great impression on me with his attention to detail and giving me a feeling of trust.  That proved out. The installers (Jason, Chris B., Mark S., and Greg)  were so neat-always looking out for my floors and picking up everything.  The installation also is very neat-pipes are parallel and attached nicely to the wall. The extra effort to get our system running in two days so we could enjoy our weekend. It was 90 plus that weekend. Thanks for going the extra mile in doing my drier duct. When I called Jodi regarding the rebate--she did all the work. When I questioned her she didn't get defensive--only helpful and did the work to send the rebate request in again.  No hidden charges--this is rare these days. My system seems to be working great and I look forward to not purchasing LP this winter. In summary you all did a truly great job and we would like to thank each of you involved with our installation.   We like the way you conduct your business and will highly recommend you to future prospective customers.  ~Don & Jenny Tholl~

Thank you very much, Ki, Greg, and Heath for helping me with the AC at my rental house. I appreciate your integrity! I would have spent money on a new unit when it wasn't needed! I can't thank you enough for your honesty! ~Jim Mason~

A big thank you to Justin B. for fixing my AC. He shut all the windows and had the house nice and cool. It was wonderful to come home to. ~Muriel Weber~

Cory was so nice I was thinking about cutting all my pipes just to have him back! ~Bill Diamond~

THANK YOU so much Tom C. and Blake. I had water pouring out of my basement pipes this morning and you came over right away. You did a great job and were so helpful. I was so relieved as my husband is out of town all week. ~Becky Canfield~

Thanks for a job well done, Justin B., Curt, and Mark S. Everything is working well. ~Nick Juenger~

Tom C., and Eric W. did a fantastic job installing our furnace and AC. They were so very neat and orderly and we are VERY satisfied with the work and our new system! ~Dennis Zuercher~

Wirth, Inc. has the friendliest, most courteous employees in town! I really appreciated Tom C.'s service with a smile today! ~Dick Edwards~

Justin B. needs to be rated a 10+ on a scale from 1 to 10. He is very knowledgeable and a tip top employee! ~Richard Sellon~

Heath did such a great job and he's such a nice guy! ~Betty Jones~

Thank you, Jodi, we have our Lennox rebate! ~Janet Anderson~

A big thank you to Deb and Heath for the great service today! ~Denise Durbin~

Your guys (Ki, Steve B., Kent, and Eric W.) were so good! They went above and beyond and I really appreciate it! ~Mrs. Lassman~

Ben and Eric W. were something else! My wife was so impressed with the job they did installing our sump pump! ~Jack Jones~

I'd never met Heath before. He sure was a nice guy. He had to tear our furnace completely apart and he worked and worked to solve our problem and stayed so pleasant. ~Kevin Urick~

I've never met a service man like Justin B. He was awesome! He was so polite, he explained what he did, why he did it, and showed me the parts he replaced. ~Diane Lowe~

Jodi, thanks for getting my Lennox rebate so fast! ~Mark Fuelling~

Thank you Greg for the good service! ~Don Beck~

Thank you so much Greg, Blake, and Heath for all the work that was done at my house! ~Mary Fuqua~

Thank you Ki and Jodi for getting my rebate! ~Deb Herman~

Thank you Justin B. for the fabulous service. Justin did such a good job, he cleaned up all the pipes, it looks like I have a new basement.  I've never met a serviceman like him, it felt like he was my son! ~Guy Jones~

Greg was just fantastic! He was a great guy! ~Brian Lovig~

Justin B. did a great job putting my water heater in. He is a great person, did a fantastic job, and if we employ more people like Justin our business is just going to take off! ~Jim Ufkin~

Thank you, Cory, you did a great job and I really appreciate the great work. ~Tony Curcuru~

The nicest young man, Justin B., called me to let me know what work he'd done on my furnace and that everything was in good working order. I really appreciated the follow-up and service. ~Scott Himmelman~

Thank you so much to Mark Shannon! Mark came out on a Saturday at an odd hour because we didn't have heat. Mark was so nice, provided excellent service, and was very knowledgeable. I really appreciated his hard work especially on a weekend! ~James Thompson~

I am very grateful for the heating job done at my house. I have not had heat in my son's room for about 11 years because I didn't think it was possible. I want Mark C., Eric W., and Wirth, Inc. to know how much I appreciate you! ~Jane Verplaetse~

Thank you so much for the quick service! I had "no heat" on a very cold day and no sooner got off the phone with Wirth and one of your servicemen was at my door! I really appreciate it! ~Don Griffith~

I really appreciate your prompt attention! Tom and Heath were both so helpful, polite, Heath trouble-shooted our heating problems right away! ~Barb Miller~

I was thrilled with Justin Brown! I was very happy with his work, thought he was great, and very knowledgeable and thoughtful. ~Zane Person~

Since moving here last September, we've had a few problems with plumbing, be we are so glad we called Wirth, Inc. first. Your technicians are very good and knowledgeable and I am always so pleased with your service! ~Bill Thomason~

Greg was awesome! He explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it! We really appreciate his great work! ~Chris Carlile~

Thank you, Heath, for the prompt service! ~Brian Bailey~

I am so pleased with all the work on my new condo! Thank you so much! ~Karen Merten~

Thanks to Justin B. for the great service! Justin is such a nice young man! ~Albert Boelens~

Tom C., Mark C., and Ben did an excellent job with the installation. They did such a good job and were so neat. ~Margaret Mahoney~

Ben came out Christmas Day. What a nice positive young man! ~Dave Gustafson~

Thank you Randy for getting out to the farm so quickly and fixing my pump! I really appreciate it! ~Chuck Boelens~

I was so impressed with the young man, Heath, who helped me on an overtime call. He was so prompt, polite, and efficient. I know who my heating and plumbing company of choice will be from now on! ~Karen Mertens~

Greg, thank you for your advice on the humidifier. I really appreciated your help. A BIG THANK YOU!!! ~Gerald Frimml~

Thank you to Heat for the great EOT service at my rental house over the weekend!! ~Marv Scranton~

Thank you Ki for all your efforts. My family and I are sleeping here tonight in comfort as a result of all your kindness. Have a great New Year. ~Sgt. Thomas~

Curt did a GREAT JOB installing our new heating and cooling system. He was very neat and professional. ~Collin & Carol Holke~

Thank you Eric H. for the quick service, you did such a good job and got everything fixed just right. ~Gene Newman~

Randy and Eric W. did a FABULOUS job with my furnace and AC installation.  They took the time to explain everything thoroughly, were very nice, and just did a great job. ~Jim Parry~

Justin Brown did a WONDERFUL job with my furnace. He is very pleasant, professional. We are always impressed with Wirth, Inc.'s service ~Dan Morrissey~

Dusty was so very knowledgeable, he got to the problem right away. We were very pleased with him and how quickly we got to their call. ~Carol & Jim Dobbles~

I'm taking this time to say how much I appreciated your help last Tuesday (Wendy and Justin Brown). Justin is a very pleasant young man, he is a real asset to your company. Thank you, Wendy, for your patience with the TDD operator.  In this hurry-up world we live in so many folks don't have the patience to deal. May God Bless all of you. ~Judy Kohrs~

We're very pleased with our new system. Randy and Tom C. were nice guys and they cleaned up beautifully!" ~Mrs. Ray Johnson~

I've lived here 5 years and have had continual problems with my water system. I've had other companies come and they could never fix my problem. The last time I tried someone other than Wirth they wouldn't even try to help me. I've never had service anywhere like the service I received from your technician, Greg! He never gave up, he stayed calm and never got frustrated and worked until he fixed our problem. My wife almost cried, she never thought she'd have water pressure again. ~Brenton Johnson~

Heath did such a good job. He let me watch and ask questions, but never once stopped working, he was so conscientious, and we should never let him go! ~Maryann Windish~

I'm always impressed with Wirth, Inc. You do such good work and your service techs are so professional! ~Thomas Dauksas~

I have always appreciated the service from Wirth, Inc., but didn't know how much until I had AC problems with the house we have in Spain! ~Brian Magerkurth~

We are so happy with the work Greg did for us. ~Deb Herman~

Thank you for fixing us up, Greg & Heath. We can always count on Wirth! ~Warren Lathrop~

Excellent Service, Nice Repairman (Heath). Thank you! ~John Lawrence~

We absolutely love Justin Brown. He was such a polite, nice young kid, and he can be our #1 tech!" ~Ron & Rita Ford~

Thank you for the wonderful job installing my new AC and furnace Randy and Tom. I have guests coming in for the weekend and really appreciate us putting him at the "top of the list". ~Craig Martin~

Thank you for the quick service and the wonderful job, Greg! ~Elaine Wyffels~

Ray talked with owner of Pizza Hut and he wanted us to know he is very happy with our work, our service men are very professional and he is especially happy with Ben's work!

Thank you, Randy for the great work! ~Bill Bowling~

Thank you for your prompt service. Greg did a great job and cleaned up after, too!! ~Brenda Fowler~

Your company has been by far one of the best we've ever dealt with. From the office personnel to every individual on the job site. If you ever need a recommendation please call us. We hope to do business with you again. ~Mike O'Hare, Howard Immel Construction, Wal-Mart Site Superintendent~

Great Service Jason & Chris! ~Robert Timmerman~

I wanted to tell you that Justin Brown was the serviceman at our house. What a nice polite, professional guy! We were really pleased with how he handled everything. Everything was left clean. Just thought you should know. ~Marty & Sue Golby~

Thanks for the great service Steve O. and quick response! ~Don Swaim~

What a wonderful nice young man, Justin Brown, you sent to my house. Let the "Wirth Boys" know what an asset he is to the business. Thank you! ~Brenda Nelson~

Thanks for our prompt service. The young man, Justin Brown, who came out was so polite and nice. ~Keith Foehrklob~

The water heater is working fine, thank you. My compliments on the man (Justin Putnam) who installed this heater. He is very nice. ~James Thompson~

Thank you for sending Dusty. He was wonderful! We was informative, professional, easy to talk to, and got right to work! ~Barbara Handy~

I was so impressed with Greg's customer service. Wirth, Inc. is so reliable and I really appreciate your help over the 4th of July Holiday. ~John Wickwire~

The Merten's LOVE Karen!

WOW! You guy's (Ki and Tom C.) went above and beyond to come out and help me with my AC on Saturday. ~Janet Anderson~

I want EVERYONE to know Karen is wonderful! ~Diane Fowler~

Mark C. did a beautiful job at Helen Croegaerts. In My "Hay Day" I couldn't have done a better job! ~Ray Wirth~

Greg and Curt just did an excellent job. My new furnace is so neat and tidy it looks like a piece of furniture. ~Bill Waterman~

What a wonderful job Wirth did. Too often people call to complain, but I want to personally say how pleased I am with Greg and Heath's work. ~Bob Palaski~

Your guys were great installing our AC and furnace. They were very clean, respectful, and thorough. They answered all my questions. The equipment works great and is quiet! We have used the fan a lot to move the cool air up from the basement and that works great. The AC cover works perfect, just in time to keep the 2 million maple seeds out. We are quite fond of the plumbing work too as the sewer pipe didn't just leak fluid it leaked odor and we smell it no more! ~Sue Kinnick~

A big thank you for your hours of work (Cory) on our Rebuilding Together project.  The shower and tub work was wonderful! The washer drain placement has made a big difference! Not only is our basement dry, but we can wash load after load of clothes! We all think a lot of you and your company. Your kindness will never be forgotten! ~Julis, Dena, Juliun & Victoria Cocquit - God Bless all of you!~

Thanks for coming so quickly (Greg and Cory) - TWICE - to help us out! ~Barb Miller~

I am so excited about my new shower! Thank you Karen, Cory, and Justin P.! ~Sandy Pobanz~

Thanks for a job well done. The techs, Mark C., Kent, and Curt, that worked on it and were in charge of the fabrication of the copper cover did a great job. If you need to use my house for future customers to look at your work you are very welcome to do so. ~Ed Rebenar~

We wouldn't get this service in Rockford! We appreciate everything! ~Donna Gotthardt's son-in-law~

Thank you so much for your prompt service, Heath. I called another company and they told me it would be three to four weeks before they could even look at my air conditioner problem.  You came out the same day I called! ~Brian Brinkman~

Your guys, Mark S., Curt, Eric W., were great installing our AC and Furnace. They were very clean, respectful, and thorough. They answered all my questions. Thanks! ~Sue Kinnick~

Thank you, Rod, my softener is finally working! ~Larry Riney~

Loved the job that Eric H. did! He worked with the City of East Moline so very well!! Thank you! ~Marilyn DeClercq~

Just a note to tell you the young man (Heath) who came to "fix" our cold house on the Sunday after Christmas was very polite and helpful. Thanks for all your help. ~Alan & Connie Yager~

Thanks for coming to fix our water pipes so fast! I really appreciate it! ~John Lutz~

You have the best service and you always get things right! ~Marie Skiles~

Thank you so much for the great job Dusty! ~Steve & Debbie Rogers~

Thank you for the great work, Tom C., Heath, Cur, and Steve O. I always come back to the experts. ~Marv Scranton~

Bless you, Cory, Thank you so much for fixing and cleaning up the parking lot at Shear Magic! All the "Old Ladies" thank you! ~Faith DeDecker~

Thank you Steve O. you did a wonderful job at my house! ~Harold Lage~

I appreciate the service that we always receive from your staff, Thank you Steve B. ~Glen Gustafson~

Thank you, Greg, for your quick response to my heating problem! ~Gerald Grib~

Everyone (Pete M., Eric. H., and Blake) is so friendly and helpful! ~Dixie McMullen~

I appreciate your help (Tom C. & Cory) SO MUCH!! ~Mary Fuqua~

We really appreciate Wirth, Inc. We are so appreciative of the prompt service we get from everyone at Wirth. ~Tom and Pat Mays~

I called at 8 a.m. and had heat by 9 a.m.! That's service! Thank you Greg! ~Wallace Wiedenhoeft~

Thank you very Steve O. found my problem when no one else could! ~Joann Speidel~

Thank you so much! Heath did a wonderful job installing our water heater. ~Michelle Cannon~

Thank you for scheduling us right away. We really appreciate Greg. He did a great job. ~Mrs. George Castro~

I don't come to Geneseo for anything but my dentist, my plumber, or the cemetery. You're just wonderful! You always do what you say you're going to do and it always works! Ray always knows the score! ~Sandy Pobanz~

I am very happy with my furnace and central air. Thank you for such good service. ~Wendy Gatter~

Thank you, Ray your advice worked! ~Jim Windy~

THANK YOU! Wirth did the heating and plumbing on my new house four years ago and ~Ed Ryan, Sr.~

Thank you to Ki and Mark S. for the fireplace work. ~Julie Reed~

Thank you, Ben - Great Work - What a nice young man! ~Barry McVietty~

You did a good job, Steve O. ~David Holstrom~

I am so thankful for everyone at Wirth. I can always count on you! ~Greta Baugh~

I was so pleased with the quality of workmanship from Mark C. and Tom C. on the replacement of my furnace. I couldn't even tell they were there, the house was spotless, the new furnace is wonderful!! ~Bonnie Weniger~

Kudos to the pleasant person (Deb) who answered the phone. ~Bill Wyffels~

Randy did an excellent job! ~Diane Fowler~

Please extend our appreciation to Ki for all his help. ~Mike & Erin McCoy~

Thank you for coming so quickly and taking care of the only stool. We really appreciate it, Randy! ~Ron Hartman~

Tell the guys: Pete, Eric W., Eric H., Tom, Ben, Jameson, Blake, Derek, Mike M., Mark S., Kent, Jared, and Curt good work! ~Kenny Atwell~

Thank you Tom C. for taking care of the huge mess at my house. It was so nice to come home to a nice smelling house with the problem solved. ~Julie Reed~

A big thank you to Wirth, Inc. #1 for the service from Steve B., Justin Putnam, and Rod. #2 for your expertise on solving the problem at my mother's house.  She hasn't had adequate heat for seven years and Wirth, Inc. solved the problem in a day and a half. I should have called Wirth, Inc. in the first place. ~Dan Edwards~

What a nice guy Greg was and he did a great job! ~Diane Glazier~

I was very pleased with Eric H. He was very considerate and worked very hard and in a timely manner. ~Greg Dekeyser~

The service gentleman (Heath) that serviced my furnace was very nice! ~Dixie McMullen-Martens~

Thanks for the great service Eric H., Ben, and Dusty! ~Eugene Thiessen~

Deb we needed some plumbing work done so I decided to find the website for Wirth for hours and phone numbers. The site is well done and I especially like the photos of the employees as we have seen them over the years and not known who they were.  I call and got the answers I needed. Good job by you on this site! ~Lee Fluck~

Pete did a very good Job! His professional conduct went a long way toward smoothing over things.  We thank him!! ~Rose Williams~

Tom C. and Mark C. were fantastic, neat, awesome, and very polite. I will recommend Wirth, Inc. to everyone. ~Andrea Gonzalez~

Heath did such a good job and he's such a nice young man. ~Phyllis Wiese~

Very pleased with your quick response to the problem with our hot water heater. Great job (Justin Putnam)! Thanks! ~Richard Tyler~

Appreciate the fast service (Steve O. & Tom C.) ~David Youngberg~

Cory did a great job - no complaints! Works great! ~James Swanson~

Thank you so very much for your above and beyond service (Heath and Ki). We appreciate all you did to try and protect our central air with insurance.  Your efforts will always be held with high regard. ~The Schnaufer's~

Thank you Cory for my beautiful bathroom! ~Mary Jo Youngblood~

Thanks so much! Greg did a great job.  I was really glad to get someone on the weekend!  ~Michale Wyffels~

A big thank you to Ben and Chris for the fabulous job they did putting my sump pump in!  They cleaned up to great you couldn't even tell they'd been there!  Thanks for the great work! ~Jodi Marshall~

I am so pleased with all the work Wirth has done.  All the guys (Pete, Eric H., Mark S., Kent, Curt, Tom, Ben, Blake, and Mark C.) are such kind, polite, hard workers.  I appreciate Wirth, Inc. very much! ~Pat Gebeck~

Thank you for being so prompt after my call! ~Joyce Geiger~

Thank you thank you thank you to all you helped with my "no heat" call ~Linda Carton~

We want to thank you for the efficiency and friendliness your employees (Deb Norman & Heath Clark) showed us recently when we returned from vacation to discover a frozen pipe within our heating system. We really appreciate your help. ~Cal & Paula Venema~

Thanks for the great service, Eric Hurt! ~William Craig~

We can't tell you how much we appreciated all the time Cory Wirth spent at our house two days before Christmas.  You gave such terrific service!  ~Dan & Wanda Holtz~

Greg Laingen was very professional. ~Dick Tyler~

Thank you to Tom Carney for the excellent repair work on our furnace!  We were very pleased with your service! ~Albert Meers~

The quality of work Greg performed and the prompt attention to our problem was greatly appreciated! ~Steve Morz~

Tell the guys (Cory Wirth, Justin Putnam, Chris Best, Steve Owens, Greg Laingen, Randy Rasmussen, and Mark Check) they did a good job.  THANKS!  ~Randy & Sue Wade~

We want to thank Heath Clark and Justin Putnam for your wonderful care and service.  It is truly and deeply appreciated. ~Mike, Pat, & Helen Pyevich~

Thank you for your quick response to my call for help! Heath Clark's customer service is awesome! ~Barb & Tom Haertjens~

Many thanks for your prompt, efficient service.  It was GREAT to come home and have the work taken care of by Heath Clark (that's always a given with Wirth, Inc. ~Dan Pearson~

Thanks to everyone at Wirth, Inc. for all the great work they do! ~Bonnie Weniger~

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending such a nice young man (Greg Laingen) to help me.  He did such a good job and was so patient explaining how everything works.  You can send him every time! ~Pat Purdy~

Thank you for another very good job (Mark Shannon, Derek Shannon, and Tom Carney)! ~Robert Pyevich~

The nicest young man (Heath Clark) came out to service my system.  I really appreciated the great prompt service! ~Donna Gotthardt~

Appreciate the efficient job Randy Rasumssen did. ~Lee Fluck~

Justin Putnam did a great job installing our new water softener.  He is always so polite, conscientious, and his work is always neat and tidy! ~Nick & Deb Norman~

Thanks, Cory!  You are the greatest! ~Paul Thompson~

Steve Owens did a wonderful job! ~Jim Dahl~

Thank you to Steve Owens!  He was so efficient and patient with my husband who is ill.  I really appreciated his service. ~Shirley Stebens~

A big thank you to Randy Rasmussen! ~Arlyn Toppret~

I appreciate it very much that you were able to get the air going for our bedroom upstairs.  Thank you! ~Pat Gebeck~

Thank you so much for such awesome service (Heath Clark)!  Your employees were wonderful, kind, quick, and very prompt.  We'll be calling you again! ~Shawn & Taunya McGee~

Thank you, Heath Clark for the prompt service. ~Dave Heitzler~

Thanks so much...we love both the furnace and the air! ~Brian & Martha Herron~

Thanks a million, Greg Laingen, for helping me out with the plumbing problems, it is greatly appreciated.  ~Mary Fuqua~

You have the nicest staff (Jodi Wirth, Greg Laingen, Mike Minnaert) on board.  We continue to appreciate that.  Always a job well done and very courteous!   Thank you! ~Robert & Patricia Stahl~

 Justin Putnam is doing a wonderful job! ~Keitra Sleaford~

I was so happy to see Greg Laingen pull up to repair my kitchen faucet I was crying!  ~Mrs. Glenn Ellmaker~

I was extremely happy with the faucet Karen Stenzel helped me select and extremely happy with Greg Laingen.  He was careful, neat, and professional.  ~Deb Herrmann~

Thank you so much for the prompt service. I really appreciated Randy Rasmussen repairing my A/C so quickly. ~Roger Covemaker~

Heath Clark went above and beyond the call of duty.  GREAT SERVICE ~Scott Reed~

Thanks so much for the time spent finding me just the right replacement strainer for my sink, free of charge, too!  Mr. Wirth, you went beyond the call of duty, as you always do!  That's why you have the business you do.  Keep up the good work and may this type of service continue was one generation succeeds another in your business.  ~The Wainrights~

Thank you, Jodi Wirth, for the wonderful service.  I appreciate you checking the first faucet and finding the flaw, sending it back, and then coming over to my house the day of installation.  Superb!  Thank you to Steve Owens too.  ~Carolyn Crowe-Burke~

Thank you for your prompt service Steve Owens. ~Marcella M. Reddig~

Thank you, Steve Owens for the great work on my A/C.  It was nice to know I could feel safe leaving home and having you fix my A/C while I was gone.  It was wonderful to come home to cool air!" ~Mrs. Mike Zerrull~

Thank you for the generator for the Sunday Music Festival Parade.  We were awarded the Grand Marshall's Trophy and the best Family Entry.  Kids were so excited!  Without your generator, we would have been "Dead in the Water."  Thanks, Jason Wirth, for going the "extra mile" to get it for us.  It was greatly appreciated." ~The Daniels Family Band~

Tell the guys (Justin Putnam, Curt Johnson, Eric Walker, Dusty Heller, Ben Segobiano, and Derek Shannon) they did a great job. ~Jeff Demay, Maplewood Construction, Inc.~

Thank you, thank you (Randy Rasmussen)!  For the first time since I've lived in the house, I have clear water and my white clothes are white! ~Lynnette Marhas~

Thanks so much for the prompt, courteous service (Greg Laingen) and the suggestion for drying the wet area!  Much appreciated! ~Greta Baugh~

Thanks again, I'm very happy with the work (Greg Laingen)~Lauretta Young~

The Caturanos have been in Geneseo for 25 years.  25 years of excellent service from all Wirth, Inc.  The few times we had an emergency you were right here.  From the office to the service men you are the best.  Thank you from a very appreciative customer.  This wouldn't happen in Chicago where we moved from. ~Mrs. John Caturano~

Thanks so much for sending the trucks that snowy day ~Lori Wirth~

"...I could never have been more satisfied with all of the work that you and your people did here for our new facility. To Ki Wirth, ...how professional you were in communicating with me...Mark Shannon and his crew did an excellent job of explaining and carrying out everything discussed.  Steve Bristol, Ben Segobiano, and Dusty Heller kept a positive attitude...Steve kept me well informed on every item that needed a decision made for.  Jameson Shannon and Justin Putnam also helped out and did a great job as well.  Your crews are well trained, well mannered, and a complete pleasure to work with.  I will recommend Wirth, Inc. on any project we have in your area." ~Ken Werner, Werner Restoration Services~

Thank you, Steve Owens for your prompt service to repair our water pipe leak. ~Craig Denney~

Thank you, Pete Minnaert for your prompt service!  You are really appreciated!  ~Mark & Mary Fueling~

Thank you for your quick service! ~Warren Boyd~

Thank you, thank you, thank you for fixing our frozen water pipes!  We really appreciate your prompt service!   ~Carol Ellis~

Thank you for the great fast service, Greg Laingen, Ben Segobiano, Jason Wirth, and Pete Minnaert. ~Rick Lind, Lynn Curran, Diane Francque, and Rodney Johnson~

Thank you, Cory Wirth, for the quality work that was done.  ~Jane Vandersnick~

Thanks Randy Rasmussen for the good job! ~Linda Carton~

Thanks so much for the quick help when we needed it. We would and will use you again in the future and would be happy to ask for Dusty Heller he was great! ~Diana Ball~

To all the fine folks at Wirth we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for all of the kindness extended to us as we had our new home built.  A special thank you to Karen Stenzel for guiding us through the selection process, your expertise and input were deeply appreciated.  Also, our warmest thanks to Pete Minnaert for the fine work done on our home!  Our journey was made easier thanks to all of you and we feel so pleased by having me and worked with you!  ~Cyndi & Tim Ashmun~

Once again, thank you, Greg Laingen for the great service! ~Francie Delp~

Thanks again for the quick response and great service, Greg Laingen! ~Howard Beck~

Thank you, Greg Laingen, you did a really great job!! ~Collin Holke~

Your serviceman, Mark Shannon, was great.  He left the basement cleaner than we would have left it! ~Jerry Kaster~

Justin Putnam did a great job re-plumbing our bathroom!  Thank you so much for leaving the job site so clean!! ~The Norman's~

Steve Owens, thank you for your prompt and professional service!  You're great! ~Bob Schilling~

Randy Rasmussen and Wirth, Inc. office staff I really appreciated your prompt service. ~Mark Lohman~

Greg Laingen does a wonderful job!  Thank you for installing my heat pump. ~Bill Waterman~

Dusty Heller really seems to know what he is doing and is very pleasant to work with! ~Devin Schaaf~

A big thank you to Justin Putnam for the fine plumbing work at my house ~Jodi Wirth~

Appreciate your prompt service Greg Laingen is a  pleasant and helpful technician. ~Bill Thieben~

Thank you for the quick great service! ~Mike Geuns~

Thank you for your fast service (Randy Rasmussen), and for your pleasant and well-trained employees.  ~Robert Stahl~

We are writing to convey our thanks for the repair work recently done at our house.  We were impressed with the prompt attention given to our needs and the helpful attitude of everyone we dealt with in your company.  Your employee, Greg Laingen, is an extremely cordial individual who performed his job in a very professional manner.  Rest assured if the need should arise we will call upon your firm in the future and will gladly recommend you to our friends. ~Ron & Tina Farwell~

Thank you, Greg Laingen, for a job well done. ~Rick Anthony~