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Residential Water Softeners

Feel the difference with a Marlo, Inc. home water softener.  With over 30 years of excelling in water treatment solutions, our residential water softeners are the industry standard for water treatment technology.  From your kitchen drinking water, to your laundry room, to your shower—Marlo, Inc. water softener systems make all the difference between good water, and great water!

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Campbell, a major manufacturer and distributor of high quality water system products, offers a complete line of water filtration systems and replacement filter cartridges for reducing sediment, taste and odor, hazardous chemicals, lead, scale and chalky deposits. These products can be installed at the Point-of-Entry (Whole House) and for Point-of-Use applications in your Kitchen, Bathroom and other areas throughout your home or business, such as on humidifiers, icemakers, beverage vending machines, etc.
Additionally, Campbell offers water treatment products including Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems and Chemical Reduction Systems for handling hazardous water conditions, along with Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems that eliminate microbiological contaminants without the use of chemicals.